Smart RCCB – Auto Recloser Type

Smart RCCB is a 2 or 4 pole earth leakage Trip Switch associated to a compact relay that enables the automatic and safe recloser of the device, provided that the leakage is not permanent. Output contact available in Smart RCCB model. The earth leakage switch is reclosed automatically.

Features of Smart RCCB :-
  1. Earth leakage to the level of sensitivity 27mA
  2. Over voltage protection (254V, AC 50/60Hz)
  3. Under voltage protection (160V, AC 50/60Hz)
  4. Surge protection up to 20kA (8/20μs)
  5. EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) Protection
  6. Power filtering
  7. 3 Year comprehensive warranty
  8. Patented Technology
  9. Complied standards / IEC61008-1, EN61008-1
  10. Remote alarm function (N/C, N/O)-Optional

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