Energy Conservation
Energy Saving / Surge Protection Plug (ESP)

Home & Small office electricity bill controller is a product from Zone Guard Series of Micro Power. This can save 15% to 20% savings.

  1. Plug & Use
  2. Pay less Electricity Bills
  3. Absolutely Legal
  4. Plug & Use cutting edge technology
  5. Surge protection for your building
  6. Basic Lighting protection (down line)
  7. Extended life expectancy for all your electrical appliances & electrical equipments
  8. Up to 15% - 20% or more reduction in KWH usage

By using 1 ESP Unit for a single phase and 3 units for three phase supply the optimum result could be achieved. Note: ESP controller is not suitable for the installations where monthly consumption is more than 2000Kwh.

Basic Explanation:
Currently you draw 22.7 Amps from CEB/LECO to create 22.5 Amp for your location (due to voltage Imbalance , spikes/surge harmonics reverse voltage interferences , EMIs)with an ESP controller installed, you draw only 20.43 Amps in to your home or premises.ESP controller gives other benefits that improves operation of all electrical devices


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Energy Saving



We guarantee 15% to 20% reduction of your electricity bill with our energy saving technology


Our technology



We use the most up-to-date technology available in conjunction with ancient technological concepts of Sri Lanka.