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Our Solutions

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    Lightning Protection

    The characteristic of a Hybrid Lightning Conductor is to react to the approaching Lightning leader and capture it before any other element, within its protection zone in order to conduct the lightning current to the earth via a safe conductive path.
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    Surge Protection

    The installation of an external lightning protection system avoids a direct impact on the structure, but lightning discharges also have other effects that can affect electrical and electronic equipment inside the building.
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    Electrical Consultancy

    Micro power Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd provides complete electrical services, power solutions, electrical maintenance services, electrical equipments, earthing installation, annual maintenance of diesel generator, shifting of diesel generator sets and busbar distribution.
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    Energy Conservation

    Energy and Equipment costs for your business will continue to rise. That does not mean you can not do something about it. You can take steps to control the rise in your energy costs. Our energy conservation product will help you to reduce 15% to 20% of your bills.
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Energy Saving



We guarantee 15% to 20% reduction of your electricity bill with our energy saving technology


Our technology



We use the most up-to-date technology available in conjunction with ancient technological concepts of Sri Lanka.